Don’t Promise Me Potential

NYC is chock full of potential.  There’s potential, “up and coming” neighborhoods, potential lucrative job opportunities and potential available dating prospects.  They’re all abound yet there has been one common denominator I’ve noticed.

None of the potential ever works out.

No matter how much a real estate agent promises otherwise, that “up and coming” neighborhood is still looking sorry and unforgiving a few years later.  Unfortunately you’re paying inflated rent prices because of the expectation that you were the lucky one who was getting a piece of the pie early.  And no matter how impressive you conducted yourself in your DREAM job interview (to the point that the employer awards a verbal job offer), that potential written offer never comes.  It’s happened to me twice already…I wish I was kidding.  Finally, there are tons of available dating prospects who are willing to wine and dine you, buy gifts, to ultimately “build together,” but when it finally comes down to sealing the deal, there are simply too many other distractions.

I was listening to a good friend of mine who is stuck at a crossroads in their NYC life and is attempting to base several decisions off the potential of the future.  It was at that moment I realized I’m done with potential and have been done for quite some time.

What good is it for me to base my current life on anticipation of something that doesn’t exist?  Furthermore, survey says majority of the time these events will not pan out as expected.  One winds up investing too much wasted time, effort and energy to a cause that never had the proper support in the first place.  It sucks.

I’m dealing only with the here and now, as I encouraged them to do as well.  If you’re showing me a nice apartment in a mediocre neighborhood, you’d better be charging me mediocre prices.  If I had an amazing interview with you, let the follow-up paperwork you send speak for itself.  If you are into me, but not that into me, understand when you’re an option, not my priority.

Maintaining confidence amidst this sort of blind faith is taxing.  I’ve had enough.  I refuse to mistake arbitrary potential as my promises.


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