The Last Of The Mohicans

As nearly everyone knows, I am one of the last, unfortunate, disgruntled owners of the Blackberry era.  I’ve become all too familiar with the awkward glances and side eyes iPhone 4S and Android users shoot in my direction when I pull out my BB Curve to respond to a text or check UberSocial.  It’s gotten to a point that when a friend reminds me to check Instagram later to see the pictures we all just took, I just slightly nod…I tell myself Instagram’s not all that even though I know it is.  Really, I’m tired of explaining my social handicap.

Folks ask me why I would subject myself to all of this, because clearly I’m losing…badly.  I tell them I’m waiting on the iPhone 5.  As I’ve been waiting on the 5 since before the 4S (we all thought the 4S was going to be the 5), this has been the same old song I’ve been singing for nearly two years.  I’ve held off this long because I’ve been telling myself there is no good reason to trash a perfectly working phone in favor of American greed and commercialism.  This rationale worked for me until I recently discovered that my father, a man who has yet to fully grasp the entire concept of texting, has somehow acquired an iPhone.  At this stage in the game, it’s become borderline humiliating lol.

With all that being said I’m sure you can imagine my elation when a couple days ago I found out that the iPhone 5 is being released Friday, September 21, 2012!!!

Obviously I couldn’t be any happier.  I will finally be done with my dysfunctional relationship with T-Mobile (we’ll have to discuss that another day), as my contract expired this past spring and I will be joining a new cell phone carrier with a new phone and capabilities to boot!  Already I’m thinking of all the fun I will get to partake in via Instagram, the magic of a touch screen and ultimately joining a community that has shunned my lame phone for so long lol.

Apple, I’m coming!


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