I Threw Away My Blanky

Yesterday I lost my security blanket.

Actually, I threw away my security blanket but I can’t tell everyone that.  They wouldn’t understand.

Blanky was one-of-a-kind, hidden in a corner of the store, neatly folded, waiting just for me.

I took it.  I held tight to it.  I loved it.

I dragged it, I threw it, I bundled it up, I cuddled with it.

Sometimes I forgot about it, sometimes I didn’t need to use it, once or twice I even threw up on it…in the middle of the night, when I was sick, and couldn’t help it.

As I got older sometimes I used other blankets but they never lasted long.  Blanky was always my favorite.

Until one day I looked at Blanky and realized how old it had gotten.  Blanky was dirty.  It had also gotten a few rips and tears; it couldn’t keep me as warm as it once did. 

And then yesterday happened.  I cried. 

I am still crying.

But I made the decision…

I threw away my Blanky.


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