Baby Fever

After spending some time reading blogs, of which I haven’t done it what seems like FOREVER, Shelby’s posts really began to inspire me…inspired me to share a bit of my personal life I suppose.  My feelings and such…

She speaks a bit about her pregnancy which I absolutely LOVE to hear about.  Right now she and Veronika are both pregnant.  I do want to have children one day and they are living that dream; I find myself overcome with happiness for them.  I love listening to their daily routines, the new things their children are doing in the womb, the way they have changed their daily lives to accommodate this incredible blessing…man, it’s enough to bring tears to my eyes.


In another week or two baby Eden Raina will arrive.  I am so excited to meet her.  During these final days, Veronika is coming to grips with her changing identity.  She and Eden will no longer be sharing the same space, instead trading it to become “Eden’s mom” for the rest of her life.  She will be living for someone else.  What a sacrifice and what a gift!  Awww!

And then for Shelby, I love hearing about how Boukie has SO much personality at such a young age.  Boukie has totally taken control, telling couso what and when to eat, when to take a rest, when to get up and get active, etc.  It’s so adorable because Shelby listens!  They already have a way of communicating that works for them and that bond is so amazing to witness.

Being surrounded by all of this good will, fortune and happiness is so filling for the spirit!  God has chosen them to begin this journey into motherhood…that is so powerful.  I just feel so blessed to be able to see all of this from such a close, intimate point of view.  Besos XOXO


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