Just a Quick Note…

Over the past week or so I feel like I’ve undergone so many transformations…personal, professional and spiritual.  I’m still grappling to make sense of it all, as much of it has been overwhelming (mainly because it all happened at once, out of nowhere).  I’m not complaining; I remain aware that I have PRAYED that God would give me all of these answers.  Over the next few days I will go into more detail about what this transformation is looking like for me, but in the meantime here are a few simple truths that have become a bit more apparent to me as of recent…

  1. It take two years to fully transition into a new city…two years to find your niche of friends, your hangouts, your solid routine, your common routes you take, your happy place.  🙂
  2. When it’s all over, family really is all you’ve got left (I’m not discrediting friends AT ALL, because mine are actually pretty awesome, which leads me to my next point…)
  3. Forget Drake’s mantra, “No New Friends.”   New Friends are who have kept me in this crazy city.  They’ve held me down.
  4. Speaking of Song-Lyrics-You-Shouldn’t-Listen-Too, Wale’s “Bad” can go die.  It reeks of low self-esteem, emotional abuse and neglect, and everything “Bad” in relationships.  I don’t want to listen to a song celebrating that.
  5. I also want Beyoncé to quit telling women “that perfect love story” is so “cliché, cliché, cliché.”  It sounds fun to sing/rap about, but let’s be honest-Bey was riding nobody’s shotgun to Jigga Man’s drug-trafficking coupe.  I just want better…like the Huxtables!
  6. The eWomen Network Conference has been the single best professional experience of my life.  I implore all women, in all stages of their career (from absolutely clueless, needing direction to the Founder/CEO who is looking to expand and grow) to attend-all can gain something powerful from it.
  7. Neiko R. Steel is the CUTEST THING EVER!  His picture is my phone’s screensaver.  Also, wish him Happy Birthday!  He just turned two weeks old!  Woohoo!
  8. The only thing worse than staying stuck in a rut for too long, is staying in that rut for too long + one day.
  9. Never again will I ever allow someone’s “You are” be greater than my “I am.”
  10. God is good.

2 thoughts on “Just a Quick Note…

  1. 1. WELCOME BACK!!! SO EXCITED TO READ THE BLOG. Okay, enough with the caps… just so happy to see and hear that you are back. I haven’t read the post, yet. The blog looks incredible – I love the layout 🙂 BRAVO for steps forward and backwards… all at the same time.

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