I believe Updo’s ARE My Friend

I would LOVE to try the style on the right-I would put a few upside-down cornrows in the back to give me the height that is on the top/front of this style.

            When living in the world of curls, any and all planning is thrown out of the window.  My curls are my single best accessory yet they are also the most unreliable and undependable.  What a combination, right?!  While I may be able to plan an amazing outfit, the styling of my hair is ALWAYS left until the last minute because I NEVER have any idea how my hair will look once it’s been slept on/once the shower’s steam hits it/once the humidity of the weather outside forms it/etc. 

            Last week I was facing a regular, annoying hair issue.  After falling asleep and having one side of my hair falling perfectly and the other side ridiculously frizzy, and misshapen I hit the shower hoping that the steam would relax the “lame” side’s curls and add definition.  On many days when I’m having issues like that, I will pin all of my hair up and now that it’s a bit longer, I’m able to pull it back into a secure bun. 

            Unfortunately, all the shower did was help define the curls on the good side and the “lame” side was left looking dysfunctional.  I realized I didn’t want to waste the good side’s amazing hair day all because the “lame” side wasn’t cooperating.  In that moment I began pinning up the lame side and before I knew it a new hairstyle was taking form.  I stepped back periodically to check my progress and after pinning the entire “lame” side’s hair up I had this result…

This coif earned me the nickname "roadrunner" lol smh

            I thought it was acceptable enough to go out into public.  I was a bit unsure of it but was determined to own the look because ultimately, I had places to be and could not afford to spend another second on my hair.  People LOVED it!  I began getting stopped on the street, people I knew pulled me aside and overall I got mass love for it.  I definitely faked it until I made it and fortunately for me, that minimal effort yielded maximum results!

            I have now been scouring pictures for other unique updo’s and styles that I can use on my curls.  Because of my hair’s length, instead of just sticking up and out, it is now falling more than it is sticking up and out.  I’m having to make a few adjustments to keep up with it, but overall I am welcoming this new challenge.  It is forcing me to get a creative and try new things.  Have you seen any hot looks of curly updo’s that looked great?  Do you have any other ideas for unique hair ideas?  Any questions on how to assemble some of the popular styles you’ve already seen (frohawks, bantu knot-outs, etc.)?  Any fun hair styling adventures you’ve been on lately?  Whatever it is, please share!


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