Summer Shades!

I don’t have much to say other than…

I love OPI’s “Glitzerland.”  The metallic look of the polish almost makes it look like I’m rocking Minx…I can’t wait for the summer sun to deepen my skintone to a nice caramel complexion.  That will set off this “Glitzerland” nicely!

OPI Brights collection offers some hot summer shades that are perfect for the warm weather

What are some of your fav OPI summer shades?


The Case of the Ex…And Other Stories LOL

I don’t have anything too specific going on today to share so I will engage you all with my random thoughts of things seen and overheard…I’m gonna pretend we’re all having girl talk lol.  So with no further ado…

Hahaha, my girls used to clown me for rocking that "Q" chain ALL the time freshman year!

My first real relationship began towards the end of my junior year of high school with Quincy, best known as Q.  By my senior year we were official.  We lastest until the week after I crossed into my sorority my sophomore year of college (I used to rep that man HARD…he gave me a ring…dude was seconds from getting my name tatted on him more than a couple of times hahaha…we really thought we were going to be in that relationship for life, young love smh).  Reasons for the breakup?  While he was an AMAZING boyfriend (to this day, he’s the best I’ve ever had) on paper he left more than a little to be desired.  After sitting out of school for a year, he finally managed to land a football scholarship at a school in NYC and was landing straight F’s and one D.  I had to find out the truth from his mother (she and I were boo’s and talked regularly enough…toward the end, she was encouraging me to leave Q and get someone who cared more about their education and future), who let me know Q had gotten a 0.8 cumulative GPA.  I was PISSED!  I was upset that not only had he done so poorly in school, but that he had lied to me about it (he’d told me he’d had a 2.something).  Furthermore, because a lot of my time was being monopolized by my school activities (class, extracurriculars and beginning the initiation rites into my sorority) he banned me from talking about it to him (mainly the sorority)!  I was done.  So right after crossing, I met a Kappa dude who was doing incredibly well in college and was about to go off to some fancy law school.  I was smitten.  The new guy helped give me added ammo to end a relationship that was already pretty dead to me.  As a result, promptly one week after being initiated in my sorority I broke up with my boyfriend of three years.

I say all of that to say that since Spring Break of my sophomore year of college (five years ago) I have not seen Q.  I’ve spoken to him a handful of times but I’ve always tried to keep that to a minimum at most.  I’ve never believed in exes remaining friends (although why they insist on getting cool later down the line I will never understand) but obliged Q because of the significance he did play in my life.  Would you believe that yesterday he came up here to my job to see me!?

Yes you all.  Yesterday I was sitting there having a crazy deep convo with Dad about how it’s about time for me to spread my wings and leave the nest (that talk went MUCH better than I ever would have anticipated…I was TERRIFIED to have that conversation with him) we were interrupted by one of my co-workers letting me know someone was here to see me.  When I went to take a look, there was Q standing there looking like time had not passed.  He had a smooth-shaven face, looking just like Jeezy, still stocky-built as a result of all his years playing football and had a smile on his face, not believing it was me.  We chatted for a few before he was on his way but man was it a blast from the past.  While it was great to see him and know that life’s been treating him alright, I am not going to be setting up meeting #2 anytime soon.

Speaking of relationships going south, I know you all heard about Arnold S. and his love child with the maid.  Absolute craziness, right?  When I first heard that the two had split I was dumbfounded.  Like how do you spend 25+ years with someone and then decide to divorce?  That is SO heartbreaking to me.  Of course people were there to remind me that “Sometimes people just grow apart Ashley,” but that seems so…weak.  Does it not?  Those vows of marriage are serious business…if you are growing apart can’t you try counseling or something?  Pray?  Work really hard at it?  Of course I’ve never been married or anything so I don’t truly understand but long story short my heart really went out to the two of them and their failed marriage. 

Until this morning!  Now my heart goes out to Maria.  And the maid.  And the innocent child involved.  Well maybe it shouldn’t go out to the maid…she knew of his marriage-situation before she got involved.  But for some reason I do.  Who knows what Arnold was telling her?  Smh (I’m slightly bitter towards men right now so it’s quite possible my views of them are skewed…just work with me).

Oh and late this morning/early this afternoon I found myself perusing the shelves of Trade Secret (like a mini-Sephora) and came across some new goodies to beautify my hair and nails.

First up is Paul Mitchell’s, The Conditioner.  This leave-in is one that many people swear by that I have yet to try.  Tomorrow morning when I co-wash, I’m going to rinse all of the conditioner out then apply The Conditioner afterwards and see how my hair responds to it.  I’ll let you all know how it goes.

And then there was an entire OPI display set up.  One of my sorors, Infamously Fabulous, had told me about OPI’s new silver shatter.  I looked at it and while I was initially contemplating the purchase, I remembered my last run-in with the Shattered line.  No bueno.  I passed on it and opted for “Glitzerland,” a shimmery gold.  To me, this color reeks of summertime, sunshine and all things golden 🙂  An added plus-when it chips, it won’t be crazy obvious.  I’ve been rocking “The Thrill of Brazil” the last few weeks and the second this bold red chips, everyone can see it.  It’s not a good look.

Well that’s all I have for you today folks.  Anything going on in your worlds?

Fashion Profile: Transitioning From Winter To Spring

The weather during this time of the year is never anything short of bi-polar.  Any day you can wake up with it being 35 degrees and it will hit 65-70 degrees by 3pm, then drop down to 45 degrees by nightfall.  As a woman this makes dressing fashionably, and practically, nearly impossible.  Yesterday my newest issue of Vogue arrived and it is there, as well as random sightings, that I have found some inspiration for some pieces to make the transition to Spring a little easier.

I’ve always loved the practicality and the classic nostalgia that Oxford shoes represent.  In the fall I purchased some suede/patent leather black heeled ones that won’t transition well to Spring.  These two-toned brown ones will get the job done and can match many different looks.

OPI has been my primary polish brand of choice ever since Veronika introduced the brand to me (she is to nails what I am to hair).  At the beginning of this year the brand’s newest line, Shatter, was introduced.  Veronika got me a bottle of the black color and I can’t wait to pair it with a shade of red. 

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing this look repeated quite often.  I love it!  The tights protect you from the cold temperatures while the shorts reflect the warmer weather.  I would like to try this look with tweed shorts/basic black tights or some basic dark shorts/patterned black tights.  I’ve seen a few women wear colored tights such as red or fuschia but I’m not a fan of it-that look is a bit too loud for my own personal taste.

Military-inspired trenches and coats aren’t too new to the fashion scene, but what is new is the incorporation of feminine-detailing, such as the ruffles you see on this coat.  I also like how it’s featured in the peach shade.  I am a fan of all things ruffly, pearl-adorned and feminine so this look is right up my alley!

Color is your friend!  Too often, women of color shy away from bright tones in the makeup aisle because we are afraid we won’t apply it correctly and will wind up looking like a clown.  Those concerns are valid; I myself have subscribed to them.  Recently however, I attempted red lipstick and successfully pulled it off.  I recommend visiting a MAC counter or taking a trip to Sephora and having makeup pros find bright tones that are flattering for your skin tone and have them TEACH you how to properly apply it.  As long as you have that guidance (along with YouTube makeup tutorials) you should be okay.  Still in doubt?  Make sure you have a true friend or two nearby to give you honest feedback as to whether the specific color you’re trying is working out for your best interest.

What Are You Thankful For?

Panda-Monium Pink, my signature nail polish color!

Over at Antoine frequently updates on what he’s thankful for that day.  It started as a challenge that a friend proposed to him-every day write down 7 things that you are thankful for and you are NOT allowed to repeat.

I didn’t even think about attempting to commit myself to such an undertaking because I knew that I’m not disciplined enough.  I am honestly amazed at the fact that I’ve managed to be so consistent when it comes to updating this blog.  It’s VERY difficult for me to commit myself to daily tasks/rituals.  Some great examples of this are that I don’t talk to my closest friends everyday and my routine varies from day to day-it’s never the same.

But for today I’ve decided to make a list (not quite 7 though) of things that I’m thankful for.  And then I’ve decided that tomorrow I will try to carry on that list, and so on and so forth.  I will have to take it one day at a time.  I’m wondering if perhaps I don’t give myself enough credit-maybe I am more disciplined than I realized?  Time will tell.

So for Wednesday, January 26, 2011 I am thankful for…

1)      Authors who will take the time out of their crazy book tour schedules to allow a rookie writer like myself to interview them

  1. check back here for more details later this week or early next week…I’ve got something juicy in store for you all!)

2)      Frohawks

  1. This morning my hair was an INSANE mass of shrunken curls that were not trying to cooperate.  After a few splashes of water, some hair gel and the security of bobby pins, I have a funky hairstyle that has saved the day!

3)      Panda-Monium Pink

  1. This is quickly becoming my favorite OPI nail color (move over Thrill of Brazil) and makes me smile every time I glance down at my finger nails.

4)      MMS Text Messages

  1. Sometimes the image that can be seen on that picture text message can get you through rough parts of a day

5)      Shelby Lynne

  1. When I got the news about point #1 she was the first person I called…I love her more than this world will EVER know.