My e-store is now up and running!  As many of you are aware, I have some natural lifestyle-inspired shirts that I’ve created (with a little help from @nudy) that I sold out of back in June 😦

I’ve re-uped and am now ready to go!


I am introducing two new color options.

Tri-blend blue

Organic Pomegranate

I have also expanded the style options to include a crewneck tee for the men.  The unisex v-neck is still around.

The sizing has expanded as well.  Ladies, you will now find XL.  Men, we’ve got up to a 2XL for you.

So go look around, browse and *gasp* SHOP!  Lol.


There is also a page on this blog, “SHOP,” that will link you to my e-store.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to hit me up 🙂


Hump Day

Boy do I feel like a lump on a log today…

My face, as we speak lol


The hustle and bustle of the past few weeks have left me a bit drained of my creative energy.  When I haven’t been writing I’ve been researching.  When I wasn’t researching, I was coordinating logisitics of random crap that I have going on right now and in my immediate future.  And finally, when all that was done I’ve been reading…reading about all sorts of things to help get me to where I need to be within these next few weeks.

I’m beat.

I believe I’m going to take a tiny little break from my blog until Monday.  Over the next few days I need to tie up a few loose ends, followup on my new job opportunity and get the editing of my novel underway.  Oh, and most importantly….

Celebrate my 25th birthday!  Yes, that day is nearly here.  Sunday, June 12th at some random time in the afternoon I will be turning 25.  I know it’s in the afternoon because when it was time for my mother to give birth, my father was out golfing lol.

So yeah, that’s about all I have to share this week but thank you so much for all of the well wishes regarding everything!  I’ll catch you all up on stuff and share some interesting things that have been seen and overheard…you all know I stay with the random craziness lol.

P.S.  “Natural Beauty” featuring Marsha Hunt will be available in men’s sizes within the next three weeks or so at OTR in downtown Cincinnati ( or on their online shop at www.OTRfresh.com).  Remember that “Definition” can only be purchased through me.  Both are $25.  Thank you for your continued support!

It’s T-Shirt Timmmmeeee! *Jersey Shore voice*

Ladies and gents it’s about that time.  What time you may ask?

T-Shirt TIME!!!!

If you remember this post from last week, I informed you all that I had been working on some t-shirt concepts that I would soon be debuting.

Well they are here and are ready for sale!  To find “Natural Beauty,” which features Marsha Hunt, you can visit www.OTRfresh.com or visit their actual shop in downtown Cincinnati on Main St.  I personally also have a few on hand.  “Definition” can be found in the trunk of my car!  Each is $25. 

Angie modeling "Definition." THANK YOU SOROR/my love!!!

I want to give a shoutout to the first customer, Angie!  She fell in love with both designs and copped both! 

Going off of the sentiment, “supporting the dream,” as my bff Veronika wrote in the “memo” section of the check she wrote for her shirt, I want to thank EVERYONE involved in helping me pursue these dreams of mine.  I can’t do this alone. 

And saving the best for last, thank you God.  Thank You!

My New T-Shirts Are Dropping This FRIDAY!!!

A few weeks ago I mentioned in this post that I had a few things in the works regarding fashion…

Well I am here to let you all in 0n a little secret 😉

This Friday, two different shirt designs that I’ve developed and created (with the help of Nudy) will be released!


Natural Beauty

The first, “Natural Beauty,” features Marsha Hunt, an American actress, novelist, singer and model.  There’s SO much that can be said of this African-American trendsetter that I will just defer you all to her wikipedia page to learn more.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marsha_Hunt_(singer_and_novelist)


"Definition." This is printed on a crewneck tee, NOT a v-neck as pictured.

The second, “Definition,” features a univeral defintion of natural that can be applied to so much more than hair…lifestyle, personality, interests, etc.  It’s also printed on a “natural” colored tee (subliminal messaging 😉 lol).  Make “natural” your own!


Both are printed on American Apparel tees.  I haven’t settled on a price yet…they will range from $20-$25.  While “Natural Beauty” will be able to be found at http://www.otrfresh.com, “Definition” will be sold exclusively by me!  I will keep you all updated throughout the week as I get more information 🙂

***P.S.  I’ve gotten feedback from a few men who are interested in these tees (especially “Natural Beauty”).  The current run is in female sizes.  If I get enough interest I will invest in men’s sizes as well.***