Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

This morning I woke up and it was just one of those days.  My hair had a large part to do with that.  The longer it’s gotten, the more difficult it’s become for me to deal with.  It no longer stays detangled, hydrated or defined for days on end.  It loses it’s shape within hours, the moisture I spend so much time sealing in is depleted after one night’s sleep (and yes, I exclusively sleep on satin).  Don’t get me started on the frizz and shrinkage with zero definition that occurs after Day 1…I. Can’t. Deal.

Today was day 3 hair and with one look in the mirror, I immediately became discouraged.

disaster hair 1


Suddenly, a pair of scissors and a relaxer look like the answer to all my problems.


disaster hair 2

The tumbleweed that was looking back at me didn’t care.  It stood up defiantly, determined to have it’s way with me.

After a hot shower’s mist took affect, with some added Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, my hair has lived to see another day.

disaster hair 3

While I claim victory in this battle, I must remember the war is not yet won.



My e-store is now up and running!  As many of you are aware, I have some natural lifestyle-inspired shirts that I’ve created (with a little help from @nudy) that I sold out of back in June 😦

I’ve re-uped and am now ready to go!

I am introducing two new color options.

Tri-blend blue

Organic Pomegranate

I have also expanded the style options to include a crewneck tee for the men.  The unisex v-neck is still around.

The sizing has expanded as well.  Ladies, you will now find XL.  Men, we’ve got up to a 2XL for you.

So go look around, browse and *gasp* SHOP!  Lol.

There is also a page on this blog, “SHOP,” that will link you to my e-store.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to hit me up 🙂

I Thought I’d Never: Hair Edition

I was over at and read a post that asked readers “What natural hair phenomena did  you think you would be exempt from, only to find yourself becoming the poster child for it?”

I have had a pretty solid routine from day one which has included tons of co-washes, wash ‘n go’s and using a comb/fingers to detangle all my hair at one time.  I would read testimonials about other naturals insisting on washing/detangling in sections and warning others of the perils of single-strand knots.  Because I couldn’t relate, I have always skipped over those stories.  I figured those issues would never apply to me.

Until now.

Single-strand knot

I’d say that starting this summer I have found more single-strand knots than I know what to do with.  I find myself ripping them off knowing good and well I need to find some scissors and cut them out, a la the “seek and destroy” method.  I shudder when I think of all the split ends I am causing myself with all of these single-strand knots, regretting all that time I spent taking it for granted that I didn’t have that issue.

Furthermore, I have noticed that my hair has gotten so long that detangling it (in the shower drenched in conditioner) as one, big section is too much!  My hair is too long for me to reach all the way to the bottom (behind my head and past my shoulders).  I now divide it into two sections and bring each section forward to detangle the ends.  Detangling now takes roughly twice the time it did before.

Look at me now…those are two things I once thought would NEVER apply to me and now they have become some of my biggest hair concerns.  My, how much hair can change in just a matter of months!

The longer this hair gets, the more work it takes.  I vowed to myself after cutting it last year that I would allow my hair to hit bra-strap length before I thought about cutting it…I’m praying that I can last that long.  It is my belief that once it gets that long, I will no longer be as tempted to cut it off.  Bra-strap length should be here by next summer…this is about to be a long final year.

Karen’s Body Beautiful!

Karen is absolutely STUNNING in person

Saturday afternoon I was running a few light errands with my older cousin Mia in the popular Clinton Hills area of Brooklyn, NY when she decided to make a quick trip into Karen’s Body Beautiful, a hair store that specializes in hair products that have natural ingredients.  I’ve heard of KBB through blog sites, but I’ve never bought into purchasing a lot of the “natual hair” products because I have failed to see how they’re so much better than more commercial options.  I should also mention that about a year ago I tried out Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk and hated it which also helped inspire my decision.

So Mia and I were in KBB because Mia believes in all natural, organic EVERYTHING.  Since she’s 9+ months pregnant right now (she’s due in two weeks) she needed some baby lotion for Solomon, her son.  After visiting the store and discovering that there were none in stock, Karen, the creator of KBB came out and whipped some up for Mia right then and there!

Yes you all, she MADE it RIGHT THERE!  Behind the counter were KitchenAid mixers and Karen created Mia’s shea butter cream, packaged it, then sold it.  I myself was fiddling around with a leave-in conditioner, Hair Nectar, that left my hair feeling light, soft and smooth.  I made the executive decision to purchase it right then and there.

As of today, two days later I am still incredibly pleased with my results.  My hair is incredibly soft, moisturized and has wonderful curl definition.  An added plus is the smell is nothing short of heavenly.  Karen featurs at least 6 different scents-while Mia favors the cranberry scent, I went with White Tea.  Furthermore, it is comforting and reassuring to know that my hard-earned money went towards supporting a Black woman’s company that is aimed at selling hair products to all.

Just Because :)

I was talking to my girl Adkins on the phone not too long ago and had mentioned that I was taking some pics of my hair.  She insisted I email the pics to her so I have also opted to share them here 🙂

Messing with my hair while chatting with Adkins…

Now that I’ve had my hair color for quite some time and it’s had a chance to calm down, I think I may maintain it long-term.

Hey girl!

This May Offend Some But I Can’t Hold My Tongue Any Longer…

Over the past few months as I’ve found myself immersed in my natural-hair care research I’ve come across ENDLESS videos, tutorials, tips and advice on new ways to manipulate natural hair to obtain a certain, defined look.  While at first I loved it, these days I don’t know how I feel about it anymore…well yes I do.  I don’t like it (I’m not taking a stance on whether it’s right or wrong).  I’ve talked with a few close friends about it, but haven’t spoken publicly on it because I didn’t want to hear the backlash.  Today however, after reviewing Curly Nikki someone did a post on this very topic which has now given me the courage to speak out on it.

I don’t like when natural-haired sisters consistently manipulate their hair to make it look like something that it’s not.

When I made the decision to stop wearing relaxers, I understood and accepted that the alternative would be to wear my hair in it’s natural state as it grows out of my head.  My rationale for this expectation was my group of friends that had already began the transition.  Those women never braided, twisted and rolled their hair in the hopes of acheiveing a different look the next day.  Nor did they spend hours at night carefully detangling, drying and trying various different styling options.  Their mentality was that they were accepting their hair for what it is and were going to fearlessly rock it.  I subscribed to that mentality.  Throughout my transition until now I’ve consistently rocked wash n go’s with the occassional roller set (once) or bantu knot out (once).

It wasn’t until last fall when people began asking me what I was using in my hair to get it to curl like that when the reality of the natural-hair community hit me.  Many naturals are obsessed with obtaining a look that is opposed to their truth.  I can’t tell you how many times I’d have to tell women that I did nothing to manipulate my hair texture and watch their eyes get disapointed.  “You mean that’s not a straw set?” or “You didn’t braid or twist your hair the night before?”

My mentality is why would I do that?  If my hair doesn’t already do that naturally, then what is the point?  For so many wanting these more defined looks and who are going through great lengths to get it, why not go down the street and put in a texturizer or something.  That texturizer would give you the look you spend hours attempting to manipulate anyways.  At this point, what makes many naturals any different than women with relaxed hair?  At least the relaxed chick had enough sense to make it easier on herself by cutting down on daily styling time.

I understand that people may say it’s so easy for me to talk because my hair has well-defined curls with zero manipulation from me.  Truth be told, I understood that about my hair which has helped push me to stay this way.  However, if curl definition is what I consistently wanted and my hair didn’t do that, I would be out here getting a texturizer or something.  Why fight my hair daily to acheive a look that it’s not trying to do?  Just like all those years I appreciated and wanted bone-straight hair.  Why on earth would I have been natural?  I eagerly applied my super-strength relaxers every two-months and watched my HEALTHY hair grow straight down my back.

People tought the unhealthiness of relaxers and how damaging they are but truth be told my hair was healthy with relaxers.  Many women I know with them take very good care of their hair and have healthier hair than many of these naturals do.  Healthy hair is healthy hair regardless of the presence of chemicals. 

At the end of the day, it’s JUST hair.  Lol yes, quote me on that.  So what if you’re not “natural?”  If you want big curly hair, go get the perming system.  If you want straight hair all the time, go cop that relaxer.  And if you just want your hair to do it’s own “thing,” release it and see what happens…

So overall, the point of this is to say that I’m not into all of the extensive styling techniques to force your hair to look a way that it naturally does not do.  If you want your hair to look a way it naturally does not, there is probably a chemical out there for that. 

No offense to anyone.  End rant.

P.S. I understand the idea of trying something new and rocking those twist outs/braid outs, etc on occassion.  My personal pet peeve is the woman who will never let her hair just be…she insists on rocking everything but her own.  And remember, I’m not saying if it’s right or wrong, I’m just saying I don’t like it.  I just enjoy seeing the different types of curls, textures and looks Black women acheive…when everywhere I turn the naturals have manipulated looks I get annoyed lol.

The Unveiling Of My New Haircolor(s)!

Over the past two weeks or so my hair’s color has constantly been changing and evolving.  I now believe it has finally settled on it’s new color(s). 

I tried a simple frenchbraid with a high Janelle Monae-esque pompadour in the front.  This braid profiles all three colors…the orangeish-red, the blonde ends and finally, the dark-brown in the back.  It also shows off my length!  Now that I’ve decided to quit straightening my hair, I rarely get to see my hair stretched out.

Here is a side-view of my same style.  Because the end of the french braid kept trying to curl up on itself, it was easier for me to tuck it in.  As my hair gets longer, the added weight of my hair will make it easier to keep the braid laying down calmly.