Springtime Is Coming!!!

I want to dip my toes in this stream...maybe go for a little walk/hike...heavenly!

            You can’t help but to smile and be a bit optimistic about life with the bright sun that stays out longer, warm wind that blows through your open car window and the sudden burst of energy that the springtime seems to give us all.  For the first time in awhile (maybe last fall right before the sun left?  lol) I’m feeling optimistic and bright-eyed when I look ahead to my near future! 

            And being honest, I do have a lot to look forward to!  Within the next few weeks, Spring 2011 will be bringing me…

1) An ACTIVE surety bail bond license! 

  • While I passed all my tests and paid all my fees in October 2010 and February 2011, by law I’m not able to practice until 180 days have passed starting from the date Ohio’s Department of Insurance recognizes my passing test scores.  Come April 23, 2011 I will be active, bailing people out of jail and (most importantly) getting cashed out!  Woohoo!!!

2) Trips, trips, trips!

  • My eldest brother, Anthony Yancey, better known as (little) Tony, is getting married next month!  His long-term fiancee Kara is absolutely ADORED by the family and we’re all just relieved that this day is finally here.  We’ve been impatiently waiting for several years now and can’t wait to head to Michigan to celebrate this joyous occasion!!!  (you should already know if the name “Yancey” is attached patience is nowhere near lol)
  • After Tony’s extravaganza only a mere week or two later (I’m bad with dates, don’t judge me) the entire family will be headed to NYC to celebrate my cousin Mia’s preganancy!  Remember when I traveled to NYC in January and visited that vegan restuarant that my cousin manages?  Yes, it is she who is pregnant  🙂  I’m excited because the family will be in high spirits, drinks will be flowing and a celebration will ensue.  My family LOVES to kick it together I tell ya!
  • Next up will be my big couso Mike Steel’s graduation from Howard University with his MBA!!!  He has already secured employment working with American Express in NYC so it will be a celebration indeed!!! And yes, you’ve guessed it-the entire Yancey family will be making a trip to DC to help Mike celebrate…man…I love my family SO SO SO much!  We’re going to be doing ALLLLL of this kicking it before the actual Yancey Family Reunion in August 2011 lol.
  • Lastly, a prospective trip to Atlanta with some of my sorors has been proposed…the logistics are currently being sorted through.  I’ve never been and am ANXIOUS to see what all of the hype is about. 

3) New job opportunities perhaps?

  • I’m keeping my knees bent, head bowed and heart pointed to the sky…He knows what’s best.

4) A closer relationship with God

  • I notice that when the weather gets warmer, so does my relationship with Christ.  I see so many examples of his blessings all around me (weather, growing things, prosperity that results as a result of income tax refunds) that I can’ t help but be thankful and praise Him for all He’s done, has done and will continue to do.  Thank you Lord!!!

5) My impending 25th anniversary of life on Earth!

  • I was recently having a conversation with Joy, a sorority sister of mine, and as we were driving through the BEAUTIFUL campus that is Miami University we remarked on how much we would give to be transported to that time in our lives when we had access to the campus on a daily basis.  In that moment I realized how important it is to appreciate my here and now-to live in the present, because 10 years, 20 years from now I will reflect and wish for these days.  I will despise how instead of being celebratory in these moments I opted to dread each impending day as it brought me closer to 25 years.  I’m done doing that.  I’ve chosen to adopt a new attitude that celebrates where I am and where I hope to be.  I will enjoy today for I have never seen it before and will never see it again. 

What about you?  When you look ahead to what Spring has in store for you, are you optimistic?  If not, what can YOU do to change that?  Surely you are the only one that can control your own happiness.  Remember that 🙂


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